Anna Visits Hilo! Paul’s Place and Downtown Farmer’s Market

My former student Anna was visiting Hilo for a few days and had time to hang out with me. We decided to go to Paul’s Place for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Because Paul’s Place is small and because it is popular, be sure to call ahead for reservations if you want to eat there.

Anna and I both had the Breakfast Caprese with smoked salmon instead of bacon and it was delicious. Paul and his waitress were so friendly and welcoming.

Our waitress was shy and didn’t want to be in our picture, but Paul obliged us.

After breakfast, we walked to the Hilo Farmers Market where Anna picked up some strawberry papayas that she can’t get in Portland and I got some staples–onions, tomatoes, eggplant, okra, purple sweet potatoes. I think I’ll make Mungo Bean for dinner tonight. With that plan for dinner, I stopped at Puainako KTA to pick up some roast pork that I use in my shortcut style of making my mungo bean stew.

Outside the entrance to KTA, I saw some friendly Lions, including my very good friend Mookie, dancing and collecting donations for the Hawaii Food Basket. I got quick dance in with him before getting my shopping done. What a great way to start a Saturday. Living Hilo Style.


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