Popover Cafe & Bakery

Have you been to Popover? I used to go when it was called Charlie’s. I had many a fun time eating good pupu with good friends at Charlie’s. Since then, there were a few other businesses in its place. It is now called Popover Cafe & Bakery

I recently visited Popover Cafe & Bakery for the first time. I was driving by in the morning with a colleague and we decided to stop there on the spur of the moment on the way to work. I rarely pass by Popover in the mornings since it isn’t on my way to work so this day was the perfect time to stop in.

It was a little after 8 a.m. and there was one couple seated at a table finishing their breakfast. There wasn’t anyone else in line so we quickly put in and paid for our order.

Although there were lots of sweet options available, I am partial to savory dishes so I ordered a popover sandwich.

I had the Breakfast Popover which was a scrambled egg, Portuguese sausage, breakfast sausage, peppers, and onions topped with some chopped tomatoes stuffed into a split popover. The mustard aioli sauce was delicious. They also have a variety of flatbreads that would be good for lunch or for sharing. I’d love to have the flatbread with some friends with a glass of wine. But I’d have to plan this ahead of time since the shop closes at 3 p.m. I’d have to order it in advance. Have you been to Popover? What is your favorite thing to order from Popover Bakery? Living Hilo Style.


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