Rainy Summer Sunday = Chicken, Seafood, and Vegetable Yosenabe

I love soups and stews. On this rainy summer Sunday, the day after my husband got back from a trip to Japan, I decided to make a yosenabe hot pot for dinner. Before he left, he asked me what I wanted from Japan. I usually ask for foodstuff and this time was no different. I requested dashi stock powder.

Kayanoya on the left, Tennen on the right.

More accurately, I requested the Kayanoya Yakiago (dried flying fish) dashi that I am familiar with but he also brought for me a Tennen Yakiago dashi to try.

Tonight, I used the Tennen dashi as the base of the yosenabe hot pot that I made for dinner. KTA has a recipe on their website for yosenabe. (https://www.ktasuperstores.com/recipes/yosenabe-hot-pot ) The seasoning I am using for tonight’s yosenabe soup broth is slightly different than the KTA one. I added about 2 Tablespoons each of mirin, shoyu, and sake to the dashi-based broth. I added Chinese cabbage, shiitake, enoki, and shimeji mushrooms at that I bought at KTA. I used chopped green onions from my garden and also included onions, shrimp, chicken, and mahimahi. I usually add shirataki noodles, but remembered that I had some rice noodles in my pantry and wanted to use that up so used that instead.

Aka shiso ponzu from Japan on the left, ponzu that you can find at KTA on the right.

For serving, I usually have a dipping sauce of ponzu with grated daikon sprinkled with shichimi pepper that I enjoy eating the yosenabe with. My husband brought home an aka (red) shiso ponzu that I also had for serving. So fun to try these new (to me) things in my kitchen.

We enjoyed this yummy hot pot. It was easy to make and I think it is kind of healthy too! Living Hilo Style.


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