The Search for Cold Ginger Chicken in Downtown Hilo

My daughter and I love cold ginger chicken. When it’s just the two of us for dinner, we will sometimes share an order of the cold ginger chicken from L&L. I’ll also make my own garlic ginger sauce and serve it with cold tofu as a side dish.

Anyway, on this evening, I went to L&L to pick up an order of cold ginger chicken and after I paid and sat to wait for my order, they let me know that all they had was a half order. I didn’t want to go through the process of getting a refund for the whole order and not having any chicken so I accepted the half order.

I didn’t think that would be enough for two people so I wanted to get more. I stopped at Cheng’s but they were closed since it was a Tuesday. I finally stopped at New China and successfully got an order from there.

It was the perfect opportunity to compare the dish from two different restaurants.

We enjoyed both. My daughter is partial to the chicken from L&L. The sauce from New China was saltier. We ended up mixing the chicken and the sauces together and making a combined and yummy dinner for me and my daughter. The best part was spending quiet time together. Living Hilo Style.


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