Shelter-In-Place Kalua Pork with Canned Spinach

This is one of the easiest meals ever–even easier than kalua cabbage. This might remind you of a public school lunch that you might have gotten on an Aloha Friday. I don’t know if they still serve it. Since my family likes it, it is a total win-win for me. Easy and yummy.

All it requires you to do is to get a pack of kalua pork and put it in a baking dish. Then open two cans of spinach (I try to drain most of the liquid) and add it to the kalua. I put the spinach on one side since I have a picky eater in my house who prefers not to eat the spinach. Otherwise, I would put the spinach all over the top of the kalua.

Just pop that dish into the oven for about 25 minutes to heat it up. It is ready to serve.

Our side dishes of lomi salmon and poi and some roasted veggies were perfect with this dish. Living Hilo Style.



  1. I married a Mexican woman and when she makes or buys carnitas I take some, add liquid smoke and Hawaiian salt, If no Hawaiian salt I use shoyu, add the spinach and serve with rice. It’s ono!


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