Safer-at-Home Shabu Shabu Salad

Just One Cookbook’s email had a link to a shabu shabu salad recently. It looked like a mizuna salad and since I’m growing mizuna in my garden these days, it was the perfect time to try this salad. I picked up some batayaki sliced pork from KTA and I was ready to make this refreshing salad for dinner.

I boiled some water with a packet of dashi and then shabu shabu’d one piece of pork at a time for a few seconds until it cooked and set the pork aside. I decided to save the pork-flavored dashi to make some miso soup. My son loves miso soup and I think the pork will make this a heartier miso soup than I normally make.

Next, I prepared the dressing which is just equal parts of shoyu, sesame oil, and rice vinegar and a little bit of sugar and grated ginger and black pepper. I love these flavors together!

I layered mizuna and arugula from my garden and topped it with sliced cucumbers, onions, tomatoes. I put some slices of pork on the salad and topped it with thin slices of shiso since I had some growing in the garden. What a refreshing and healthy dinner salad on this hot summer day in Hilo. Living Hilo Style.


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