Watercress from Tina turned into Pork Tofu and Watercress Stir Fry

My pal Tina stopped by one day and shared a bounty of things with me. She shared watercress, bok choy, eggplants, and a few plants — bay leaf, mint, and chocolate mint. I settled the plants among the my other plants and I hope they become good friends with each other.

I had a Thai cooking class through Airbnb Experiences the next day so the eggplant and bok choy were perfect for that. The following day, I decided to use the watercress in a Hawaiian Electric pork tofu and watercress stir fry. It was easy, quick, and yummy! Just the kind of recipe I like. I got some chopped pork and firm Oshiro tofu from KTA and I had everything else at home.

Thank you, Tina for everything! Living Hilo Style.


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