Marlin Surprise!

My son and a few friends got to go fishing on a boat in Kona recently. I thought it was going to just be a nice outing for him and his friends since they are not serious or experienced deep-sea fishermen/women. I found out through an Instagram post that these pals caught a 300-400 pound marlin! We will never know the actual weight since they didn’t have a chance to weight the fish. No matter, I was happy for them and couldn’t wait for my son to come home to tell me all about it.

Uncle Rodney did these kidults a favor and woke up extra early, spent the day with them and took them out on his boat. So–my thinking is that if these kids caught anything, it would go to Uncle Rodney who could have food for his family, share with his friends, or sell it. I did not expect my son to come home and present us with more marlin than we knew what to do with! One of my friends who I shared a chunk with shared some with our other friend who just got a smoker. He made some delicious smoked marlin with guava and lilikoi jellies to sweeten it. It was delicious and a hit! We should have given all our marlin to him! Next time, if there ever is a next time, I will know better.

In addition to having some smoked marlin, I also wanted to try and cook some for dinner. I decided to make it with the sizzling peanut oil style since that is a favorite in our house. I poached the marlin in a shoyu, mirin, sugar sauce and then put it into a dish lined with foil. I never did cook marlin before and I realize now that since the marlin is so meaty and not delicate, I could have just seared the marlin with possibly better results. Anyway, I layered thinly sliced homegrown ginger, homegrown cilantro and homegrown green onions on the fish. I gave the dish and a pot with about a cup of peanut oil to my husband to finish up outside on the patio. He heated up the oil and poured it over the fish for a sizzling fish dinner. We topped it off with homegrown cilantro and dug in. Living Hilo Style.



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