Don’t Throw Away the Pineapple Trash — Make Pineapple Soda (Tepache)

I signed up to take an AirBnB online class called Making Homemade Medicinal Sodas. According to the description, I’m learning how to make an immune-boosting, bubbly soda. Anything immune-boosting is a plus right now. I never heard of tepache before this class but that is what we were being taught. I made my tepache with a pineapple from KTA, ginger from my garden instead of the typical cinnamon and cloves, sugar, and water.

I had no clue about the fermenting to make a soda so before the class started, I made sure to wash the pineapple well. Additionally, I washed and peeled the ginger before grating it. I guess if you’re trying to capture the good bacteria for fermentation, you shouldn’t do all that. That’s ok. My tepache still showed some bubbles the next day. I left it in the jar to bubble even more for another day.

Once you see a bunch of bubbles, just remove all the solid pieces from the jar and transfer all the liquid to plastic containers as it will continue to ferment and the container will expand. Put your tepache in the fridge to chill and enjoy your cold and healthy beverage! The magic of fermentation and probiotics! Living Hilo Style.


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