Leftover Costco Shrimp = Vietnamese Noodle Shrimp Salad

My husband had work in Kona one day and offered to stop at Costco on his way home. I asked him to get some prepared shrimp for dinner. I had seen that someone liked the shrimp ceviche and was curious so I told my husband to buy EITHER the shrimp ceviche or the cilantro lime shrimp. My husband who loves to buy things decided that it would be even better if he bought BOTH since it was available. We enjoyed both but that meant that we had leftover shrimp.

I hate wasting food so I decided to do a couple of things with the shrimp. One was to make a shrimp fajita-style stir fry. The other was to make a Vietnamese noodle salad with shrimp with only the ingredients I had at home. I pickled cucumber and onions in a rice vinegar/brown sugar/Hawaiian chili pepper mixture. Made some nuoc cham sauce with inspiration from www.JessicaGavin.com and www.FoodieCrush.com. I mixed Moon & Turtle’s garlic fish sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, garlic, lime juice, and Hawaiian chili pepper and let that sit until I was ready to have my salad. I had harusame noodles at home so I used that for the noodles.

I harvested lettuce, mint, basil, mizuna, cilantro and arugula from the garden and added some bean sprouts from the fridge and the pickled cucumbers. I seared some leftover shrimp and put it on top of the salad, sprinkled crushed peanuts and the chopped cilantro over the top and ate it up!

So easy! Living Hilo Style!


  1. Try lamb loin chops with a recipe for Sheeps Dip marinade yummy LMK if you cannot find it I can send it to you

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