Tabaraka Lebanese Food and Hawaii Eco CSA

I haven’t ordered a CSA produce box from Hawaii Eco in a while and it worked out that my fridge could use some restocking with veggies. So, I ordered a box that had the awesome local produce listed below.

  • Organic Kale from O.K. Farms
  • Heart of Palm from O.K. Farms
  • Organic Arugula from O.K. Farms
  • Carrots from Ahuimanu Farms
  • Organic Papaya from Johnson Family Farm
  • Organic Rainbow Chard from O.K. Farms
  • Longan from O.K. Farms
  • Cucumber from Hamakua Farmer
  • Tomatoes from Kawamata Farms
  • Organic Lettuce from Ano’ano Farms

I also added a loaf of freshly baked Pane Pugliese bread – crusty, rustic sourdough goodness that I just toast and slather with butter or add some of the gourmet Goat Cheese Trio that I also got. The Hawaii Gold is a hard, natural rind, goat milk cheese in the style of Parmesan that has been aged for two to six months. It has a nutty, buttery taste. Perfect to snack on. The Gavarti is a creamy, tangy and meltable cheese that has been cave-aged for two to four months. The chevre is soft and spreadable and perfect to sprinkle on my salads!

The new feature about this CSA purchase was that I could pick it up from the Tabaraka Lebanese food truck that is located just below the Hilo Public Library. I have always wanted to try the food from there and this was the perfect opportunity. I checked out the menu and decided to get the Deluxe Maza Plate that comes with falafel, shish-kababs, hummus, baba ganoush, and a couple of pitas. This was a perfect choice if you want to try a little of everything. Additionally, this is enough for two people! I would totally schedule my next Hawaii Eco order to be picked up at Tabaraka again! Living Hilo Style.


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