Crab Enchilada at Reuben’s

Now that more and more of the people in our community are getting their vaccinations, it is feeling so much easier to go out and enjoy time with friends at local restaurants. A couple of friends and I made plans to go to Moms Hilo for their happy hour menu. We checked their website and saw that happy hour started at 4:30 on the day we wanted to get together. We didn’t think about making reservations but were hopeful as we drove to the restaurant. There was an amazing parking spot right outside the restaurant – but we found that Moms was closed. (I later messaged the restaurant to find out more info and found that they were closed for maintenance on that day. Shucks!) We then drove to Jackie Rey’s and found yet another great parking space right in front the entrance, but was turned away since they were full. We walked next door and took a peek at Temple’s and their seats were also all taken. We decided to check in at Cronies where there was yet another great parking space but saw that they were closed as well for some reason even though they are usually open on Tuesdays.

So, we ended up at Reuben’s (with a great parking space) where we were quickly seated. They don’t have a happy hour menu so you can go at any time they are open to order your favorites. I hadn’t been to Reuben’s in so long so I ordered the crab enchilada, beans, and rice small plate that I hadn’t had in over a year! It was exactly as tasty as I remember it. Living Hilo Style.


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