When Shirts are More than Just Shirts

My daughter recently received a soccer team t-shirt to wear at a Big Island senior soccer wahine celebration. This was their first and last time on the field with this group of wahine and was planned as a celebration and send off for these athletes who have played with and against each other fields across the Big Island over the last four years in the BIIF league. Original plans to have a commemorative jersey for the athletes did not work out as planned and so Coach Skee worked with Creative Arts to get shirts printed in just a few days. It was so easy to work with Creative Arts who went above and beyond in their customer service. As I thought about the shirts and what they mean, it brought me to thinking about what having a team shirt really means.

A shirt is not just a uniform to wear. It is something that brings a feeling of ‘ohana and belonging to those who wear it. It allows the wearer to feel pride in their membership in their special club and all it stands for. I recently got a team shirt from KTA that we use when we work at our vaccination clinics and totally feel like I’m a valued part of this team and movement when I wear the shirt. I guess this is the reason for the beautiful t-shirt quilts I see people make. It brings special feelings not just of belonging but also of accomplishments and special moments created while wearing those shirts. These shirts are really more than just shirts. Living Hilo Style.


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