A Send-Off at Seaside Restaurant

My good friend is leaving Hilo and heading for new and awesome adventures in Arizona. I’m looking forward to hearing about all the amazing sports, music, and travel adventures he will be having. We were lucky enough to find a date when we could get together for a final meal together. We were able to get reservations at one of our favorite Hilo establishments started in the 1920s, Seaside Restaurant. Before we ordered, we walked around outside and take a look at the 30-acre, all-natural, brackish fishpond.

We ordered edamame, mushroom tempura, poke, and fried calamari for appetizers. I hadn’t had my favorite Chinese-style fish in a long time and had to have that. They have a great wine and whiskey selection too! Jon and family — Have a great time in Arizona and keep in touch! For those of you who are in Hilo with me and plan to head to Seaside Restaurant, make reservations before you go. And if Christina is working at the bar, be sure to say hi! Living Hilo Style!


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