NYC Day 3

Since we didn’t have any morning commitments, we slept in and missed the free hotel breakfast today. I woke up early but since my husband is not an early riser, I did some work while letting him sleep in. My goals for today was about food shopping, again. We caught the subway uptown to 79th Street and headed straight to Zabar’s where I picked up some things for the kitchen.

After Zabar’s, I was hungry for lunch and we stopped at Salumeria Rosi, a salami and cheese shop with an attached restaurant. We were able to get a seat indoors where we hoped it would be a little cooler than it was outside. At this restaurant, there were plexiglass dividers between each party. I enjoyed the Salumeria’s Signature Salad topped with prosciutto. I thought I also ordered Crostini (toasted bread with assorted cured meats) to go with the salad but the waitress thought I ordered Costine (slow-cooked spare ribs) so I didn’t get to try the meats that I was looking forward to.

Despite the mistake, it was a nice rest before heading back out in the heat to head to Trader Joe’s. After stocking up on all the Trader Joe inventory I could carry, we walked back down to our hotel to drop off our purchases and get rested and refreshed before our dinner with our daughter and her friends at Nobu 57! As you know, I love to taste everything I see so Nobu’s was a perfect stop since dishes are served pupu-style where everyone gets to try a taste of every dish. We had truffle baby corn, edamame, shishito peppers, spicy ahi, jalapeno hamachi, crispy shrimp, spicy crab, wagyu, miso butterfish, miso eggplant, and dessert!

After dinner, we left the kids and I met my pal Melinda at Hold Fast for a nightcap. Her husband and daughter met us after the baseball game finished, I enjoyed my first time trying sour beer, noshed on a variety of tacos, and made friends with the owners and workers. Living Hilo Style in NYC.


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