NYC Day 2

Waking up in NYC! Today is Bronx day since at 10 a.m. it will be 72 hours before our flight back home to Hawaii so we scheduled our COVID test with Walgreens in the Bronx. I wanted to use the Vault COVID test but since we were flying home on a Tuesday, it wasn’t recommended to use that service since there is no shipping on Sundays and test results were not guaranteed to arrive in time. Walgreens was one of the other Trusted Partners but none of the ones in the city were approved locations so we had to go to the one in the Bronx to get tested. The other wrinkle is that Walgreens requires that the tests are done through their drive-through area so I hired CARmel car service to get us to the Bronx. We started the day with our free egg and toast breakfast from Hotel Edison. We added a side of bacon to our order.

Our car service was ready and waiting for us as reserved and we left Manhattan for the Bronx. We got to Walgreens a little early and we couldn’t get in line early since we needed to make sure our test was not taken prior to 72 hours prior to our departure to Hawaii but it gave us the chance to get some water for our adventures for the rest of the day knowing that the temperatures were hitting 90 degrees that afternoon. When it was time, we got in the drive-through line for our COVID test and ended up having to wait around 20 minutes before being helped. However, once we got tested, it was a quick process and we were free to enjoy the rest of the day. We were told that results would be emailed to us in about an hour and they were! ALL NEGATIVE! WHEW!

Since we were all in the Bronx, we decided to make the most of our time there. The kids visited the Bronx Zoo and Aaron and I went to NY Botanical Garden where there was a special Yayoi Kusama exhibit that I really wanted to see. This was my first time at the garden and I will be back there for sure. It is a humongous property with so many things to see. And I love that things will look different for every season you visit. On this trip, the rose garden was in full bloom! We had lunch at the Hudson Garden Grill in the park. I really enjoyed the Local Lioni Burrata & Prosciutto and a Chilled Corn Soup to cool me off in this heat. If it weren’t so hot, the visit to the garden would have been even more amazing. We stayed at the garden for about 5 hours and then headed to Yankee Stadium, also in the Bronx.

Game day with the Yankees playing the Boston Red Sox. We had great seats and I enjoyed a Pinstripe Pilsner and a Nathan’s hot dog. There were a few home runs to make the game exciting. After the game, we headed back to the city on the D train and made it to Sake Bar Hagi right before last call and got some pupus and a nightcap. Another great day Living Hilo Style in NYC.


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