Moon and Turtle is Open for Dine-In!

So happy that my favorite restaurant is now open for dine-in! If you plan to go, be sure to call ahead and make a reservation so you can be sure there will be a table for you. The seating capacity is less than what it was pre-Covid so it is best to make your reservation.

On this evening, I enjoyed Mark’s housemade manapua with Uncle Steven’s smoked meat and caramelized onion. I did like the manapua I was getting from their pop-up takeouts but eating it fresh from the steamer was way better than the takeout! The bread was so soft! They also had their signature Smokey Sashimi and on this night it was made with my favorite Ora King Salmon! My other favorite that I got to enjoy was the Crispy Brussels Sprouts with mom’s fish sauce. (Chef Mark’s mom was dining in too!) My husband loves the mushroom risotto which was on the menu so we got that and the Market Fish which was pan roasted mahimahi cooked to perfection! This was a lot of food for my table of two but Chef Mark recommended we try the Patatas con Pulpo made with a local tako, twice fried potatoes, local mustard greens with an anchovy vinaigrette and olives. I am so glad we ordered it! It was delicious. The tako was so tender and flavorful!

It was so awesome to see Mark and Soni in their element again (safely) surrounded by customers giving off excited and happy vibes.

Note: Have you heard that Chef Mark is featured as one of the Lexus Artisans? Check out the video.

When I’m done with writing this post and after the restaurant opens today, I’m going to make my next dinner reservation. Just thinking about all yummy food is making me want to go back again soon! Living Hilo Style!


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