Seaside Restaurant is a Favorite

I recently visited Seaside Restaurant with some people who have been in my COVID social bubble. We ordered all our favorite appetizers that included poke nachos, crispy fried calamari, sushi, escargot, and oysters. I ordered my favorite Chinese-Style fish and on this night, it was prepared with freshly-caught mu. We ordered three desserts that I clearly remember taking a photo of but I either used someone else’s camera or my memory isn’t as clear as I think it is because I have no evidence of the dessert photo.

Also, did you know that you can bring your own bottles of wine to the restaurant? You just have to pay the corkage fee that I think is $25 a bottle. So, if you have a special bottle you have been saving for a special occasion, you might consider bringing it with you. Or — order the Duckhorn cabernet off the wine list. You can’t get it at a better price than at Seaside! It is a great value for a delicious wine! Living Hilo Style.


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