Honolulu for Japanese Groceries and Restaurant Stops

I haven’t been to Oahu since prior to the pandemic and when a friend suggested we go to Oahu for a weekend to get our Japanese groceries and partake in some yummy food, it was an easy decision.

We flew to Oahu on a Friday afternoon, rented a minivan from Budget, and checked into our hotel at the Waikiki Prince. We had an amazing view of the sunset while we got ready for dinner at Taormina in Waikiki for some Sicilian food.

On Saturday morning, our gang went for a walk along Waikiki before heading to our favorite meal of the trip — dim sum at Yung Yee Kee. Make a reservation if you intend to go so you don’t have to wait outside for a table. After dim sum, we went to Daiso, then hours of shopping at Ala Moana Shopping Center, and then headed to Don Quijote to stock our pantry with Japanese groceries. What fun!

That evening we went to Katsumidori and enjoyed sushi for dinner which was perfect since it is located right in our hotel. On Sunday morning, only three of us decided to go for a walk — this time towards Ala Moana Beach Park before going to Brug for bread and then our second Japanese market shopping at Nijiya. We picked up lunch at Nijiya and brought it back to the hotel room to eat while we finished packing. What a fun shopping and eating trip this was. Living Hilo Style in Honolulu,



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