What does it mean to live boldly? Moon and Turtle and Seaside Restaurant

My friend turned 50 recently. Some might think that turning 50 is a turning point that one is getting to an age where youth is no longer on our side. I’m a few years past 50 and am still feeling youthful and having fun in life. I would say that my friend has the same philosophy as I do. We live boldly. We don’t dwell on the fact that we are getting older but rather that we are so lucky to enjoy life. We push through whatever obstacles come our way and focus on being able to enjoy friendships, food, and travels, and remember to celebrate moments. We try to live with purpose. We know what we want from life and try to move confidently to create and live the life we love. We find and do things to make our hearts happy. As you may have heard in the musical Hamilton, it sometimes means not throwing away your shot!

My friend boldly started this next decade with a couple of celebrations. The first celebration was at Moon and Turtle with a small group of amazing women. We ordered everything on the menu! Ahi belly picatta, smokey sashimi, sizzling Testuyaki poke, friend NABETA!, mushroom risotto, steamed mahi in an amazing congee, veggie chili with polenta cakes, and Portuguese sausage campanelle. We also had to have dessert! All of this went really nicely with the multiple bottles of wine we enjoyed.

The following evening, we headed to Seaside Restaurant where we gathered with more friends and more wine. This party was overflowing with laughter and love. What an amazing way to celebrate turning 50 and the start of 2023! #bloganuary Live boldly. Living Hilo Style.


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