Kuhio Grille for Breakfast

I had a breakfast meeting and we decided to go to Kuhio Grille on Pauahi Street. What do you get when you go to Kuhio Grille? I have been overindulging lately so I decided to lean toward the healthy side and I ordered the Breakfast #3 which is kind of a Japanese breakfast. It included rice, miso soup, grilled fish, and an egg. If the fish were a saba or a salmon, I think the breakfast would have been great but the white fish they served was really tough and hard to break apart with my fork. I actually kind of needed a knife to cut it. My table mates had a veggie omelet, a Kuhio Grille omelet (with gravy on the side), and taro corned beef hash with fried rice.

All the servings were generous and a couple of people had to take home leftovers. What are your favorites from Kuhio Grille? Maybe I’ll try it the next time I go. Living Hilo Style.


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