Day Trip to Oahu for Work

Do you enjoy your job?

Some days, I am exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed. But despite that, I have to say that I find fulfillment in my job. I think that most people who go into education go in with the mindset of helping. If I view everything I do at work with the lens of helping, whether it is for students, colleagues, or the community, it is fulfilling and not just a chore. Sometimes I have to remind myself to use this lens more than others but I would generally say that I enjoy my job.

It is funny that this prompt showed up while I’m on Oahu for a day trip to attend a conference on supporting student success at our community colleges. Our keynote speaker, Manu Meyer, asked our group what is the purpose of our community colleges. We must remind ourselves that the purpose of our campuses is love and aloha. We must love our students. Love our people. Love our community.

Day-tripping to Oahu used to be a slightly more common occurrence prior to the pandemic than it is these days. I was used to waking up early, catching the first flight out of Hilo, and hitting the ground running for the rest of the day. I’m an early riser so my 4:30 am alarm this morning wasn’t too bad But by the end of the day, I was exhausted. Maybe I’m just not used to it anymore or maybe I’m just getting old and tired. Thank goodness for the energizing and informative breakout sessions I was able to attend. At this Hawaii Student Success Institute where educators from around the state convened for a day of learning and networking, I participated in breakout sessions relating to strategies for productivity and student success.

It’s too bad I couldn’t have lunch or dinner with my kids while I was on the island but it was a busy weekend and I needed to be back in Hilo. I have plans to be on Oahu next month for a wedding and so will have time then to get some Oahu relaxation time in. Living Hilo Style at work.


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