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It was a great few days here in Hilo. The Merrie Monarch Festival brings many good things to Hilo. Lovers of hula visit Hilo. People are adorned in colorful aloha attire and lei.… Continue reading

Only Easy: Chocolate Truffles


When I say these are “only easy” I really mean it! This is a kid-friendly dessert and the variations are endless! When I made these with my students, we tried to keep it… Continue reading

My Merrie Monarch Week in Hilo


Merrie Monarch week has concluded in Hilo.  During this week, Hiloans share food, fun, fashion, and hula with friends from around the world.  A few years ago, my husband made friends with people… Continue reading

Only Easy: Post-Merrie Monarch Poi Patties


By Misty I. Wasn’t Merrie Monarch Week amazing?! Hilo was definitely “lit” last week! Did you get to eat some Hawaiian food? If you have some leftover poi, perhaps you could make this.… Continue reading