HawCC Chancellor Noreen Yamane Pāʻina Aloha

December 4, 2015

Hawaii Community College helped Chancellor Noreen Yamane celebrate her upcoming retirement.   Chancellor Yamane was covered in lei offered to her by the many well-wishers who attended the party.  If she kept all the lei on, it would have made it hard for her to breath, so the lei were taken off and displayed beautifully on a stand.  Enjoying the beauty and fragrance of beautiful lei is such a wonderful benefit of living in Hawaii.  The quantity of lei offered to Chancellor Yamane is evidence of the love, aloha, and respect that the guests feel for the well-loved chancellor.  Pictured below are Chancellor Yamane and husband, Robert Yamane.  She is already looking mighty happy!

IMG_8536The celebration, held on Friday, December 4, was an old-fashioned backyard style Pāʻina.  The event took place at Papaʻa Hale and Kapakapakaua Malae on the HawCC Manono Campus.IMG_8533

The HawCC culinary program prepared and served a traditional Hawaiian dinner with kalua-style pig, laulau, lomi salmon, chicken long rice, poi and many other yummy dishes.   I was so full from all that food!  I love a great Hawaiian plate.  IMG_8527After the dinner was served, the guests were pleasantly surprised by the friendly culinary students who brought servings of desserts to the guests.  We enjoyed delicious haupia pudding and strawberry delight cake.  IMG_8525

What a nice evening with good food, good friends, and good music from talented HawCC employee Billy Rodrigues.  Congratulations to Chancellor Noreen Yamane.  HawCC will miss you!

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