Honolulu with the Family

After the yummy, decadent dinner last night, I slept very well at my brother’s house. I felt refreshed in the morning and got ready to get a quick workout in before getting on the plane this afternoon.

My brother saw me getting ready and convinced me that we should pay a visit to Koko Head for a Sunday morning workout. I agreed to join him for a quick hike halfway up the trail. As I took a look at the hill/mountain, I thought–what was in my mind when I said yes? Now, that I’m done, I’m glad we went. It was a cool, breezy morning and felt good to get out and get moving.

At my request, we only went up to the halfway point on the trail. I didn’t want to be injured or in too much pain on my trip. During the workout, we saw people who had infants in their baby carriers strapped to their backs, people with weight vests on their bodies, people of all ages and sizes on the trail–we even saw a few very athletic dogs with their owners. Felt good to be able to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii.

Now I’m off to the second segment of this holiday vacation. Going to see my other brother in Las Vegas! Thanks, Charles, Al, and Loki.


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