Honolulu Holiday

We stayed overnight at the Ilikai Hotel on Oahu. We had a great room overlooking the ocean. An awesome view of the Pacific Ocean never gets old. This view motivated me to go wogging in the morning.

A view of Diamond Head and being at the ocean make for a good outing even if my exercise level is not up to par.  

I saw a Hawaii Five-0 sight while out exploring. That’s one of the great things about getting out of the gym and hitting the pavement. You never know what you’re going to see–and even if you don’t see anything new or interesting, at least you got in some exercise. On my way back to the hotel, I stopped an ABC Store and picked up cereal, milk, yogurt, and some spam musubi for breakfast for the family.  

After I got back to the room, my husband and son finally decided to get up and go out for a light run so I joined them. My son, rehabbing from his broken leg, still was the fastest runner in this trio. That’s ok. My husband and I enjoyed this time together.  

After checking out, we went to lunch at shabu shabu restaurant, Ichiriki. I had the ribeye chanko in a spicy shoyu broth that hit the spot! 

This trip to Honolulu ends with an overnight stay with brother and his wife before leaving the state the next day. We stopped at Costco to pick up some food for dinner and came home with caviar, champagne, steak, and crab. I love Costco! My brother opened a special bottle of red wine from Kenzo called Ai that complemented the food perfectly. Family time is awesome. 


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