What’s Up, Hilo?

Where do I get my news? I guess it depends on the kind of news I’m trying to get.  I still subscribe to our local paper, the Hawaii Tribune Herald, even though the news/information shared is a day late in this age of instant info. I like the grocery sale ad inserts on Tuesdays–I love making grocery shopping lists and feeling like I am buying seasonally appropriate products at reasonable prices. I like reading about the local athletes on the sports page and making sure to send texts to my mama friends when I see their child’s name printed. I love seeing local businesses being featured and finding out the backstory behind the owners and the business.

Living in a small town like Hilo means that local news often is shared by what some people like to refer to as the “coconut wireless.”img_2080I get my news as I cross paths with friends at KTA Super Stores or Longs Drugs. I get my news from other parents as we wait for our children to finish their track and soccer practices. We talk about opportunities for our children–like workshops and enrichment programs.IMG_6355We talk about things going on in Hilo–like wine tastings and food events and whether we are free to go. We talk about who passed away and when the funeral is. We talk about the newest products, crafts, fashion that we have seen around town. We talk about traveling opportunities both on and off island. We talk about everything under the sun and this talk keeps us connected in our town of Hilo. Stay connected to the community. Enjoy time with family, friends, and the organizations that make Hilo special. Living Hilo Style.

How do you get your news?

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