Visiting Hilo? Need Omiyage? KTA is a One-Stop Omiyage Shop!

Some colleagues of mine visited Hilo recently for a meeting. Before going back to the airport, Scott asked if we could make a stop at KTA so he could buy some omiyage.

Boy, did we find omiyage!

The Big Island Candies Fuji Apple Pie is getting to be THE omiyage to bring home. You can find it in the freezer section at KTA. Just be sure to bring a thermal bag with you so it stays frozen as long as possible on your trip home. (If you forget your thermal bag, KTA sells those too.) John and Scott also bought Mountain View Stone Cookies, Amano Fishcake (in the prepacked gift box), Kau Ugly Cookies (you are what you eat?!?!😂), Liko Lehua Lilikoi Butter, and Big Island Delights cookies. So much deliciousness going home to Oahu and Kauai.  There are so many other delicious omiyage choices available to you at KTA… sakuraboshi, Two Ladies Kitchen mochi, lavosh, sweet bread, warabi, frozen Goteborg sausage… Just start off with a walk in the local products aisle and you’ll find some great locally-made goods to share with your family and friends.  As you walk around, you might even luck out and see our local celebrity, Derek Kurisu of Living in Paradise, who would be happy to give you omiyage tips and will even take a selfie with you.

Oops! The lilikoi butter never made it to Kauai. Don’t forget that the lilikoi butter can’t be taken on the plane.  It must be in your checked luggage. My friend had to leave without the butter!  But TSA did allow him to leave the butter with them in my name for pick up before the end of the day. Thank you Hilo TSA gang for holding it for me.  Living Hilo Style.



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