Hilo Inter Band Concert and a Party

The Hilo Intermediate Band played a concert at the Prince Kuhio Plaza to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend.Have you checked out the Big Island Sports Hall of Fame in the PKP?  You’ll probably find someone you know on the wall.  Proud parents and Saturday shoppers enjoyed the music from the young music enthusiasts. My daughter is a member of the band and so I looked forward to hearing the culmination of the practicing that she has been doing individually at home and at band camp for the past week.

Hilo Intermediate Band Director Corey Maesaka led the band through a 45-minute concert with assistance from guest conductors Yvonne Yokoe (Hilo High Band Director) and Grayson Mento (former band student). In addition to the Hilo Intermediate band students, a few students from Waiakea Elementary and Waiakea Intermediate were part of the band. In addition to those students, there were also former band students and other band enthusiasts assisting-including percussionist Kim Springer. This nice combination of musicians made for an enjoyable concert.  Seeing these people work together with the Hilo Intermediate middle school band members without expectation of anything in return is truly Living Hilo Style.

After the concert, my children met up with some of their friends and watched a movie before having everyone returning to my house for a long overdue gathering with this group of people.

04-02-28 Stevie Siena Lauren1
In 2004, they were besties.

We have been friends with this group of people since our children were infants and have enjoyed spending time together and watching our children grow up together.

Kids are older (and some are taller than us). They are still great friends.

We all are now so busy and rarely have time to get together the way we used to. We kept things easy and just ordered pizza and grilled some meat on the hibachi.

The moms are besties too.


What fun we had catching up and laughing with each other. Living Hilo Style.



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