Class Reunions Bring Everyone Together

By:  Jenn K 

I’m looking at you, Hilo High Class of 1989. 

Summer is class reunion season, when alumni come together to celebrate and get reacquainted.  We all can’t possibly remember everyone in the class so this is likely the best opportunity to make new and lasting friendships.

HHS Class of 89 Reunion Committee. My first meeting with these bunch of crazies. Lol ❤

In 2009, my class celebrated its 20th year out of high school.  We started planning for it three years ahead of time and vowed it would be the best. reunion. ever.  It wasn’t a secret that our class was heavily divided not only by our respective “corners” but we just never came together.  So, YAY US for having over 100 in attendance to our classmates only dinner!

Reunion Committee President, Dani. Mahalo for taking this on!

Soon after that, there were some inquiries about a 25.  There was a lot of interest but nobody came forth to plan it.  Time passed then 2014 came and went.  Until one day, after posting a photo of a classmate sighting and responding to numerous comments for reunion leadership, heroic classmate, Danielle, agreed to plan a 30.

First Vice President Sammy. Mean muggin’!

She reached out to all of us in the class – or at least the ones she was connected with on social media – and organized a planning meeting at her house in Keaukaha.  A nice sized group showed up and they all shared their best ideas for another successful class reunion.  It looked like they had a great time!

2nd Vice President Roy. Mahalo for hosting our meetings!

They decided that since we didn’t have a 25, it would be fun to plan for a 28.  Essentially splitting the difference so we don’t have to wait those two extra years to reconnect for a 30.  It’s also our way of being “different”. Let the planning begin!  Fundraisers, golf tournament, dinner, beach, and party!!!

Treasurer, Mona. What would we do without her?

At that point, I was a spectator.  I headed up the 20, which was an incredible experience, but looked forward to just showing up to the next epic gathering.  That was until I offered to kokua Dani and organize the golf tournament.  (It won’t be an easy task so I solicited help from the only classmate who signed up, so far, Tom.)  I was soon invited to attend a planning meeting so looked forward to seeing everyone involved.  Turns out there was only seven of us.  I later joked about it in an Instagram post – “after looking around, I realized I was the only Hawaiian not from Keaukaha.”

The Secretary. 

The beauty of planning this class reunion is working alongside those who I didn’t really know well in high school.  Yet, we have so much in common and we have the same goal in mind – to put on a great reunion. We have the most fantastic text conversations every day that have absolutely nothing to do with the reunion but we are getting things done!  We are coming at ya, Class of 1989 Vikings, so be ready to have a most memorable time! 

Please register at 

Our gorgeous Historian, Cheryl.
Sergeant At Arms, Kaleo.

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