Run, Jenn.  Run! 

By:  Jenn K

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been participating in a Full Body Challenge. Nothing that includes a change in diet but in the end I’m hoping to gain strength and muscle.  The one problem is this includes a run once-a-week.  (I quit running six years ago after a four-year stint.)  Depending on the instructions for each run, I plan the terrain and non-human interaction accordingly.

This morning I was a little stumped so I sought advice from a trustworthy running friend.  She suggested a couple of places around town which were “inconspicuous with minimal traffic”.  Perfect.  I decided on her first suggestion, the recently paved area behind Walter Victor Stadium and, wow, it’s really nice!  It’s a quarter mile strip of nicely paved roadway.  However, construction crews were working in the area near the Roundhouse so it was a little too busy for me. 

I decided to move to Bayfront, near the canoe hale. Way too many people parked while enjoying the shade.  Or maybe they live in their cars?  Hard to tell.  I settled on Liliuokalani Park even though it’s cliché and crowded.  Not good for my low self-esteem but I put all of that aside and did my thing.

Throughout the required miles for the day, I kinda noticed how beautiful the bay was, I scared a couple of cats that live in the bushes, felt grateful for the cool breeze, and barely noticed how clear the view of the mountains were.  It would’ve been great if I had taken photos of my minimal observations had I not been gasping for air. I’m not even sure what was in the air but I started choking, which has never happened to me before.  Yikes.  

Where are your favorite Hilo running spots? I need some suggestions for next time. Please and thank you! 


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