Hokkaido Meeting with Tonjiru

I have more friends planning a trip to Japan. This group of friends is going to Hokkaido and asked if we could meet and talk about Hokkaido stuff as they prepare for their trip.

This meeting, like my other Japan meetings, was a delicious pot luck gathering with good-fun friends talking about good-fun stuff. I forgot to take pictures of the food before we started eating but you can see how we dug in to the yummy food. We had an assortment of food including noodles, korean chicken, teri beef, fried rice, and pigs in a blanket as well as a delicious dessert from Moonstruck Patisserie.

I transported and kept the tonjiru warm in my new Instant Pot.

It was a rainy day on this Japan-meeting day so I decided to make tonjiru, which is a hearty vegetable and pork miso soup. I used Just One Cookbook’s tonjiru recipe as the starting point for my soup.img_2398I sauteed some pork belly and ginger in sesame oil.img_2399I added some chopped gobo, onions, and carrots to the pot. I simmered the mixture in a dashi and miso broth.img_2396I added enoki mushrooms, lotus root, konnyaku, tofu, and shiitake. img_2402The soup hit the spot on this rainy day in Hilo. Living Hilo Style.




  1. The tonjiru sounds delicious, especially since it’s been so rainy in Hilo. I’m curious how you like your Instant Pot? I’ve heard people raving about but I’m still not sure if I should get one. Happy New Year!


    • Hi Teri! I have only used the IP that one time so far. I have been reviewing recipes and tips about using the IP but have not had time to experiment. I look forward to trying it out once my schedule is a little more manageable. Work and life have been pretty busy lately… I’ll be sure to post about my experiences!


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