Meet Me in Paris in Hilo

The UH Hilo Performing Arts Center presented a fundraising event called Meet Me in Paris. img_4049.jpgThe Hot Club of San Francisco and the popular French vocalist Isabelle Fontaine were the featured artists of the event.

Misty and I saw Lisa who was on the event planning committee.

The corporate sponsor of the event was GW Construction who is owned by one of my very good friends.  Wendy received some tickets as part of her sponsorship benefit but was not able to go. Misty and I happily accepted Wendy’s invitation.  The flyer for the event said that guests would be able to dance the night away on the stage but Misty and I were there for the food.


There was a lot of variety of tasty bites there.

The hors d’oeuvres and patisserie were generously donated by:

  • AJ & Sons Catering
  • Akmal’s Indian Kitchen
  • Big Island Delights
  • Big Island Juice Co.
  • Cafe Pesto
  • Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
  • Ken’s House of Pancakes
  • Le Magic Pan
  • Millie’s Deli & Snack Shop
  • Moonstruck Patisserie
  • Pineapples Island Fresh Cuisine
  • Short n Sweet Bakery
  • Sodexo Campus Dining Services
  • Sweet Cane Cafe
  • Wiki Fresh

What a great way to support the performing arts in Hilo.  With good friends and good food. Living Hilo Style.



  1. Howzit We should set up a sit down and tasting if u ladies are interested? Let me know

    Aloha Willie Leong Big Island Fusion (808) 747-5348


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