Lucy’s Taqueria in Downtown Hilo

Have you been to Lucy’s Taqueria in Hilo? They serve fresh Mexican food at reasonable prices. And the serving sizes are enormous!I went to Lucy’s for dinner recently with a couple of friends. The three of us used to work together as teachers at Hilo High. Since that time, one of us has retired, one of us has moved to another school, and the third is still teaching there making Hilo High an awesome place for our children to go to school. One of us has grandchildren, I have adolescent children, and the third has no children. Despite our differences in life stages and situations, we love to get together and talk about everything under the sun, or more accurately, under the fluorescent lights of the restaurants we go to. We talk about our families, about what is going on in Hilo, about great places to travel, and about great places to eat.

Speaking of food, I had the fajita plate tonight. For $11.70, you get fajita style veggies with your choice of grilled chicken, steak, pork, tofu or just veggies.  It is topped with sour cream and served with your choice of black or pinto beans, rice, and corn or flour tortillas. I hadn’t been to Lucy’s in a while and think I ordered the same thing the last time I came.  I love veggies and that is probably why I ordered it again. It was a huge serving. The sauce is tasty but a little strong for my palate.  If I remember, I may try the ceviche next time.I also ordered the elotes (corn on the cob) which was $2.50 and delicious. I wanted to share it with my tablemates and they were willing to cut the cob in half for easier sharing. The restaurant has a cozy and pleasant bar area that has beer on tap and an assortment of cocktails. I have to make sure to note that you have to bus your own table here, so be prepared to clean up after yourself.I also want to make note that they have a great salsa bar where you can get all the toppings you want. All in all, good food, reasonable prices, good energy~a perfect place to meet a couple of pals and catch up.  Living Hilo Style.


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