The Crown Jewel of Hilo

The Crown Jewel of Hilo
Monday Musings by Melinda M.

Liliuokalani Park is the crown jewel of Hilo. Within its midst, you’ll find walkers of all ages, runners of all levels, fishermen, families, tourists, cruisers and dogs of all breeds taking their masters out for fresh air. At this tranquil Japanese park, you can choose to pace the pavement perimeter or meander your way through its middle, along pathways and bridges that encourage you to find a different element of the park on every visit.

Embracing the ocean’s edge, Liliuokalani Park is along the same stretch of Banyan Drive as Hilo’s two primary hotels, two favorite family beaches and the best fish market around. With every 10 steps you take, the vantage point changes. If you let it, these views will take your breath away – whether it’s the Japanese bridges, the ponds that rise and fall with the tides, the majestic trees, or the gentle mounds of grass, always well taken care of. Every time I go there, my spirit is renewed.


IMG_1030Being there and seeing so many people enjoying themselves and each other outside, engaging in so many different activities, makes me happy to be living Hilo style.

Thank you, Daisy, for going “on assignment” with me! That was a LONG walk!!

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