My Takenoko Sushi Addiction

As I was driving around Hilo while doing my errands, I reviewed what was coming up for the rest of the day. I smiled as I remembered that I am joining friends for dinner at Takenoko Sushi. Below are some pictures from previous nights at Takenoko~we love taking our Takenoko Sushi group photos.

You may have heard that Takenoko is completely booked.  I have no reservations for 2018–if you want a companion for your Takenoko reservation, please feel free to call me!  img_2093

When I do get to go with my girlfriends, the sushi chef is so patient with our loud laughter and always makes us feel welcome. We often make our sushi night a GNO and have lots of fun with each other as we eat incredible seafood and our BYOB drinks.  One night, three of us brought bubbly as our drink of choice for the evening and we each coincidentally used the special champagne bottle carrier that we bought from our trip to Napa.

I’ve come to the realization that I have a Takenoko Sushi addiction/obsession. I guess that since it is so hard to secure a reservation at this restaurant, every time I get an invitation from someone who has one, I do whatever I can to get there, even if it means moving appointments around, going straight from the airport to the dinner, or even eating at Takenoko Sushi the day I get home from a trip to Japan.

I have heard that there are some people in Hilo who have weekly standing reservations for both lunch and dinner! As for me, I don’t get to go regularly but that makes it all the more special to me.  Living Hilo Style.



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