I Found It!

Monday Musings by Melinda M.

Living Hilo Style led me to what looks like will be a long-term commitment. I’d been looking for the perfect combination of variables to work out and I think I found them. See, I’m a pretty needy gal. I needed 1) some place that wasn’t too far away; 2) some thing that had variety; 3) some way to ease into a routine and 4) somebody to go with.

I found Hilo Health Co-op (@thecoopgym) by trolling it on Instagram through @livinghilostyle. Actually, it had crossed my path a number of times in a number of ways before I actively checked it out so it was kinda already in my subconscious. Here’s what appealed to me from the get-go: the 1/2-hour pre-workout assessment to determine my fitness level. That sounded totally reasonable! I always hated feeling like everyone around me was in better shape than I was. Here, I could be confident I was in a group that was just the right pace/level for me. IMG_1870

Once the assessment confirmed my suspicions (high beginner), I was shown my workout on the whiteboard and told how it goes: come any MWF to any of the classes offered throughout the day, check in with the coach who floats between the beginner and higher level courses, and go!


#goalz: Henry is an inspirational model of Co-op dedication!

Okay…but, like starting anything new, it was a little tough to commit to myself to commit to going. When the first day for me to go rolled around, I convinced myself to get out of going.

That’s when Hilo kicked in.

Assessment appointments are written on a large whiteboard in the office. If you’re in the office and look, you’ll see who has come in and who is coming in.

Soon after my assessment, I texted a friend who I don’t normally text about something random. She texted back, “Hey, are you working out at Hilo Health Coop?” WHAT? Ok. Well that does it, Universe, I guess it’s meant to be. I’m supposed to be working out.

I asked my friend if she would be my Workout Buddy – not necessarily work out together, just keep each other accountable while building this new habit. Fortunately, she was game.

And so now I go to Hilo Health Co-op! I love feeling like I’m kinda in a class, but kinda on my own. I love the variety within the work outs, which are different EVERY time. I love that it’s broken into three parts – warm up, strength training and endurance – so my brain thinks I only have to get through one little workout. And I love knowing that I am working out at the level that I should and can ask for help from what feels like a personal trainer when I’m insecure that my body mechanics aren’t right.

Check out Hilo Health Co-op! And if you mention Living Hilo Style to Grif, your $50 assessment will be free! I think your universe is calling you…!



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