Takenoko Sushi in 2017???

I went out to dinner tonight with some friends to my favorite Hilo sushi restaurant, Takenoko Sushi. Each time we go, we take a #TakenokoSidewalkUsie after the dinner.

I had my favorite deluxe chirashi that I order every time I go to the restaurant. Uni, king crab, tobikko, negitoro, scallops, amaebi, and ikura.  Heaven in a bowl.

I also ordered the butterfish misoyaki and it hit the spot! Creamy, savory, umami goodness.  My toro, natto, and salmon nigiri were delicious as always and I was so happy that the restaurant had Kumamoto oysters tonight!  Oishikatta!

In order to make sure that I can fulfill future Takenoko Sushi cravings, my system is to secure my next reservation each time I visit.  Between my reservations and those of my friends, I’ve been pretty lucky at being able to fulfill my sushi craving pretty regularly here in Hilo.  So, at the end of the evening, I went up to pay my bill and make my next reservation.  I asked to make a reservation for eight people (as I always do) so I can make a ladies night out of it.  When I asked Pam, the co-owner of the restaurant, when their next opening was, I was quickly and apologetically informed that there is not another opening for eight people until 2017!!!  It isn’t even 2016 yet and the entire 2016 year is absolutely full!So sad!  However, I’m happy to know that I have at least a few upcoming reservations for 2016 that were made prior to tonight.  Was just hoping for a few more to round out the year.  Let me know if you need to fill a seat for your Takenoko reservation–I would be happy to assist.

If you are interested in eating Takenoko sushi in 2016 and don’t have reservations yet, there is still hope for you.You can host your very own private sushi party in the comfort of your own home.  Here are some pictures from a recent party Chef Igarashi catered. He brings his sushi bar to your kitchen.  He only does this on the days his restaurant is closed, so you have to have your party on a Tuesday or Wednesday. He is already booked every Tuesday/Wednesday for the rest of 2015, but feel free to call for your reservation to enjoy some great sushi for 2016.Living Hilo Style with great sushi!



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