Hiromi in Hilo–Lettuce Wraps for Dinner

Meet guest blogger Hiromi W. Chung who recently moved to Hilo!


I am a Japanese woman who recently married a local Hilo man. One of our hobbies is to cook together and we enjoy experimenting with new recipes. My husband said to me that he wanted to try to make lettuce wraps, so we went to buy the ingredients for lettuce wraps last night.We picked up lettuce, ground chicken, water chestnuts, carrots, onions, Lee Kum Kee lettuce wrap sauce, sweet chili sauce, and olive oil.

Not he (lol) but I chopped half a carrot, half an onion, and half a can of water chestnut. We stir-fried the ingredients with olive oil in a frying pan until the onion was translucent. Then I added ground chicken to the frying pan and sauteed it until the chicken meat was cooked through.

Finally, I added the Lee Kum Kee lettuce wrap sauce to the mixture until it was heated. Next, all we had to do was to wash then cut the lettuce leaves in half and we were ready to eat our lettuce wraps.

This was our first time making this dish and it was even more delicious than we expected! Easy and delicious foods are something like magic in our life to make us much happier.

Happy Hiromi Living Hilo Style!

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