Outing to Otaru and Last Day in Sapporo

(Very late post from Summer 2016–There is so much Hilo love going on that I couldn’t fit this post in earlier!)

We visited the town of Otaru. I love this town of beautiful glass and amazing music boxes and would come back for another visit.img_4488Before catching the train to Otaru, we had our last combini breakfast that included onigiri, boiled egg, and apple yogurt.

We came across a parade where the residents and businesses in the town gave offerings to the gods as they passed their residences and businesses.  Very cool.

We enjoyed delicious and refreshing soft cream, pretty flowers, and a beautiful view of the canal in Otaru. There were lots of shops to look through as we walked to their famous music box store.

Lunch was seafood and more seafood.  Salmon belly, crab, uni, and ikura were on the menu.

We visited another izakaya for dinner after we returned to Sapporo and had a good last night’s sleep.

On our final day in Sapporo, we woke up and visited Nijo morning market for breakfast again.  More crab, uni, ikura, and some salmon sashimi.  I wish breakfast could be like this more often in my life!

Took some selfies around Sapporo.img_4557Said goodbye to Pepper the robot helper in the lobby of the hotel.

And headed to awesome Chitose airport where we shopped, cruised, and ate before we checked in for our flight.  There is lots of shopping to do at Chitose airport so this is one airport where you don’t mind going extra early.  There even is an onsen there. I recommend getting there at least three hours early for all the shopping and eating you can do there. And if you are looking for the elusive Yubari Melon Kit Kat, it is at the airport!  I also found Pikachu! Thank you, Hokkaido, for offering us a great time on this vacation. I hope to come back soon!



  1. Aloha Anne! Enjoyed the post. Thank you. Spent a lot of time in Hakodate, Otaru, Sapporo and Chitose, since our hometown in Japan is Mutsu, Shimokita, Aomori which is just below Hokkaido on the northern tip of Honshu. Hilo though, is definitely my preferred hometown now. What a special place to call home!


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