Hilo Pals in Korea. Day 3 and Olympic Adventure!

For our last day, we decided to go to an Olympic event.  When we first realized that we were going to be in South Korea while the Winter Olympics were going on, we initially were not planning on attending.  PyeongChang is so far away from Seoul and we weren’t certain that we would be able to make it there.  Then Olympic fever took hold of us and we decided on the Monday before we left Hilo that we wanted to go.  We bought our tickets for an event and then realized that we couldn’t take the high-speed train since the train we needed was sold out. We ended up having to hire a private driver to take us to Pyeongchang so we could watch the Freestyle Skiing event. James, our driver picked us up at 5:30 a.m. for the two-and-a-half hour drive to PyeongChang. He said this was his 5th drive to the Olympics so far.  I guess many others were in the same situation as we were without transportation to the event. We headed to PyeongChang Phoenix Snow Park where the Women’s Freestyle Ski event was being held.

The weather was beautiful. There were lots of seats and the view from every seat was amazing.We left to head back to Seoul and stopped at a rest stop on the way for lunch.

I was so happy to find that the rest stops served such good food! We enjoyed bibimbap, tonkatsu, and kimbap.img_5252We had time to stop for a 15-minute running shopping stop at Lotte Mart, a grocery store where we bought loads of instant ramen, kochujang, kochugaru, candy, and snacks. We literally ran through the store and threw random things into our baskets since we had to make it to our next stop which we did NOT want to miss.

img_5254Our next stop was a ginseng and jade brightening facial treatment at Suhlwhasoo so our dehydrated and fatigued skin would be refreshed for our flight home. So relaxing!

After the treatment, we got back to the hotel and had to get ready to leave for the airport in about 10 minutes!  Yikes!

Note–Not all of our luggage is pictured here.  There were more than this!

We flew all the purchases from the day into our 11 pieces of luggage and changed clothes and headed to the airport.  (Myra–We weren’t speeding at 120 miles an hour!)


What a whirlwind trip! We did so much in three days!  Living Hilo Style in Korea.



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