Oden Cooking Class

My friends and I love food. We love to eat it and we love to try to learn how to cook it.One evening, we got together at a friend’s house to learn how to cook oden, a one-pot winter dish usually consisting of boiled eggs, daikon, fishcakes, mochi, and tofu stewed in a shoyu/dashi broth.We got the ingredient list beforehand and picked up our items from KTA. We brought our slow-cookers with us and we all made our own personal oden. Two of us used our Instant Pots as slow cookers. The IP is so versatile. (I bought mine from Amazon.)

We learned to cut the daikon in such a way that there are no sharp edges to prevent it from breaking. We sliced konnyaku into triangles.

We wrapped homemade mochi in cute aburage purses tied with a length of kampyo and then let everything simmer in the delicious broth.

We were full and happy people at the end of the cooking class and we had lots of leftovers so we could eat it the next day too.  Living Hilo Style!



    • Hi Junie: Agh! This class was very casual and loose and we just seasoned things by taste preference. Basically, we made dashi with stock and konbu and boiled it for a while. We added some shoyu, mirin, and a little sugar and simmered. We finally added the ingredients that we wanted and then taste tested and seasoned again to our taste.


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