I’m Going to Kona for Work = What Do You Want from Costco

When my husband informs me that he is going to Kona for work, my brain translates that to, “What would you like from Costco?”

What are your regular Costco purchases?

On this day, I asked for

  • Mandarin orange cups–My daughter loves this as a snack.
  • Romaine lettuce–I prep this by cutting, washing, and drying the lettuce and storing it in Ziploc bags so we can easily make a salad during the week for lunches and dinners.
  • Spinach–so many options.  One easy way I prepare it is to lightly boil the spinach with a little bit of salt and then serve it with a sprinkling of katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) and shoyu.  You can eat this at room temperature or chilled. The true Japanese way is to use horenso spinach but it works just as well with regular spinach.IMG_4602.jpg
  • Avocado–yum
  • Pesto–So many options–pasta, bread, chicken, shrimp, sandwiches.
  • Bread–Affordable and versatile. We keep it in the freezer and da efrost as needed.
  • Rotisserie Chicken–Pair this with salad that evening for dinner, then boil the bones and have soup for the next day.  The leftover chicken can be turned into sandwiches and other dishes.
  • Cooking spray
  • Olive oil–I use a lot of EVOO–cooking, dressings, marinades.

I also often get

  • kimchi
  • green tea
  • Coach’s Oats
  • vanilla extract
  • pasta
  • beets
  • Brussel’s sprouts

What are your favorite things to get from Costco?  What should I add to my list the next time my husband tells me he has to work in Kona?  Living Hilo Style.


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