Only Easy: Swiss Overnight Oats

By Misty I.

Do foods transport you back in time? Oatmeal (aaaand it’s cousin Cream of Wheat) was the only thing I didn’t like eating at my Grandma and Grandpa Ramos’ house in Honoka’a. Overall, the food at their house was really good. It’s sad that I took all of the meals my Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dan lovingly made from scratch for granted. I cringe now, remembering how I’d beg them to go to Kaneshiro Store (now Malama Market) for cone sushi or cheeseburgers that Uncle Wade Cypriano (Kaneshiro Store’s butcher) had made. Or to Ujiki Store and Hasegawa’s for common things that were also found in Hilo like orange sherbet, candy, and gum. Or to Tex Drive Inn (the original location that’s now a laundromat) for malasadas or CC Jon’s for Korean Chicken burgers and vanilla Coke. I was such a fool, I should have savored and lingered over each bite of their cooking and baking. Sigh, I miss them so much it hurts. If I could dine at their maroon kitchen table one last time I’d eat anything they put in front of me, even oatmeal! Better yet, I’d cook and serve them.

Maybe I’d serve them Swiss overnight oats like the pic above, I know they’d like it because they both loved fruits.

Swiss Overnight Oats


6 C. Old fashioned oats
1 ½ C. 100% Orange juice
2 ½ C. Milk
4 T. Honey (I use more :))
4 T. Sugar
1 C. Vanilla yogurt
1 tsp. Pure vanilla extract
⅓ C. Macadamia nuts
2 C. Heavy cream
6 C. Sliced fresh fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, apples, grapes etc. (I also use canned mandarin oranges because my kids like it)


  1. Mix the first seven ingredients in a large bowl and store in the refrigerator overnight.
  2. In the morning, add the heavy cream to the oats mixture. Serve with fruits and macadamia nuts.
  3. Note: you can top the oatmeal with the fruits and nuts or keep it separate. The fruits will last longer if kept separate.

That’s it, only easy!



  1. Now I know why my Mom loved cream of wheat. And I love it too. We loved for Grandma and Grandpa Ramos to come to Alabama because they always cooked special things for us. Sweet memories! Misty, they would be so proud of your culinary skills.


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