Only In Hilo: Lemon Peel Gummy Bears at Lani’s Island Snack Shack

By Misty I.

Yes, Hilo has earthquakes, lava eruptions (well–not in Hilo but we seem to be in the media for it), and vog, but Hilo also has Lemon Peel Gummy Bears made with local lemon peel!! Recently, I saw this treat on Instagram and I wanted to try it. Writing this post actually makes my mouth water.

One afternoon, my son and I went to Lani’s for the sole purpose of getting lemon peel gummy bears. My son had never been to Lani’s before and as soon as he walked in he said, “Mom, this place is just like Kawate’s!” Kawate’s was a beloved seed shop that existed in Hilo for many, many years. Lani’s has all the components that Kawate’s had. They have choken (a vast array of) seed in glass jars, ice cream, candy, gum, local style snacks, and of course ice shave (NOT shave ice!)

Jesse was immediately lured by the ice cream and promptly asked if he could get a scoop of chocolate. We happily walked out with ice cream and the lemon peel gummy bears.

Just like small kid time, I got in the car and waited about two seconds to try it. Soooo yummy, I couldn’t stop. I hope you try lemon peel gummy bears from Lani’s soon, but save some for me. Only in Hilo!



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