Living Hilo Style 2020 in Review

Living Hilo Style (LHS) published its first blog post in October 2015. Five years has gone by so quickly. I can’t believe my friends and I are still keeping the blog going. I believe this is a testament to all the great things that are going on in Hilo and with Hilo people. There are 818 posts on the blog with over 376,000views from all over the world! If you want to contribute with a blog post in 2021, just reach out to any of us who write for LHS. We love guest bloggers just as much as we love Hilo.

In case you missed some of our more popular 2020 posts, here are the links to the top 5 from 2020 that were not on the December top 5 list. Clearly, everyone loves ONLY EASY recipes!

And below are the links to the top 5 posts of all time (that don’t include posts from the list above).

We love our readers who have been visiting us from so many places from around the world–among them are–Japan, Canada, Malaysia, U.K. and Singapore. Enjoy! Living Hilo Style.



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