Only in Hilo: Restaurant Osaka’s Bibimbap

By Misty I.

I’ve been snooping around and asking Hilo peps where to try authentic bibimbap. More than one friend suggested Restaurant Osaka. I finally went there last Friday and ordered it. The Korean portion of Osaka’s menu actually has two bibimbap options. I ordered the more expensive one ($15.95) in the “hot pot.”

Since I’m a bibimbap newbie I didn’t know it came topped with a raw egg. Wait, I think someone warned me, but I forgot. When it came out, I immediately forced my husband to eat the raw egg part and all of the rice it was touching. He commented that I was “missin’ out” but I take the Health Departments warning about eating undercooked eggs seriously, people! After we got the raw egg business out of the way I mixed everything together, added the sauce and loved it! The rice was sooooo crispy, definitely the best part! When I order it again, I now know that the pot is soooo hot that the egg will cook all the way through.

At Restaurant Osaka, your bibimbap order comes with complimentary banchan which are small Korean side dishes. That night my banchan consisted of kim chee, bean sprouts and shredded daikon and carrots. So ‘ono, only in Hilo!

One more thing you know if you read this blog is that I’m obsessed with mandoo, Osaka’s mandoo is yummy! Try it!



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