Garden to Table: Summer Panzanella Salad

My peppers are finally growing and starting to turn a pretty red color. I don’t have a whole lot of peppers to harvest but I do have enough peppers to add some pretty red color to a dish.img_5739

Since it is summer and I’m in the mood for cool, refreshing salads, I decided to make a quick panzanella salad with the peppers I harvested. In addition to the peppers, I also harvested some basil leaves from my garden. I also had cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions at home.  img_5758I just chopped all of these ingredients up and added garlic, capers, olive oil, white wine vinegar, and salt/pepper. To make it a panzanella (with bread) salad, I just used some ready-made croutons I had sitting on my counter.  Since I had some fresh mozzarella cheese, I sliced that up and added that to my salad too.img_5759 So quick and easy and delicious!


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