Calamansi and Lemons from Grace Turned into Calamansi-Lemon Muffins!

My green-thumbed friend Grace dropped off some bittermelon, lemons, and calamansi for me today.   What an awesome way to be greeted at my front door upon my arrival home from work!  A heavenly harvest from my friend’s yard.img_8559

The lemons will be used up quickly in this hot and humid weather we have been having since I like squeezing fresh lemon juice in my iced water.

I’ll make beef with bittermelon in black bean sauce for dinner tonight.  I have some beef in the freezer that will be perfect for this dish.  (Click here to see the recipe I use.)

I wanted to try something different with the calamansi so I did a quick internet search for recipes using calamansi and found a Calamansi Lemon Muffin recipe on a site called Asian in America.  The site says it specializes in Filipino food and recipes.  My husband and I love Filipino food and I was intrigued. I’ll have to search this site later for more fun things to try.  Here is a link to the recipe for the muffins.

I quickly skimmed the recipe and saw that I kind of had all the ingredients I needed so I took out butter and eggs to bring it to room temperature while I finished my work.  The recipe called for whole milk but I used skim milk and I only had brown sugar so used that instead of white granulated sugar. Do you have a calamansi tree in your yard?  What do you do with your calamansi harvest?img_8561Despite my adjustments to the recipe, I think it came out okay.  I’d try it again.  But I’d really like to know what the best recipes using calamansi are.  Let me know!  Living Hilo Style.  #GardenToTable



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