Only in Hilo: Top 3 @ Nori’s Saimin & Snacks

By Misty I.

Growing up, did you watch Let’s Go Fishing? I did. Like every single weekend. Haha, my favorite part was definitely not the fishing, it was watching Hari Kojima and Stan Wright cook. Later, Hari Kojima started his own show called Hari’s Kitchen. In my opinion, the absolute best episodes would feature Beth Nishijima of Nori’s! I loved that someone from Hilo was cooking along with Hari on TV. Beth and Hari would joke around a lot! When we’d go to Nori’s here in Hilo I felt like I knew Beth because of Hari’s Kitchen.

Here are my top three choices at Nori’s: #1 – Fried saimin, double chicken stick – I still order it and it still tastes exactly like it did in the 1980’s. How can you go wrong with fried noodles, kamaboko and spam?! Goes good with Japanese beer which Nori’s has too.

#2 Nori Burger Combo – comes with a nori burger and a small saimin and always hits the spot. The burger is homemade and comes with mayo/mustard sauce, lettuce, and pickles. The saimin is typical of Hilo, green onion, kamaboko, charsiu, and a few egg strips. Comforting, warm and ‘ono!

#3 Sizzling Hamburger Steak Plate – a good option. I don’t order it but someone in my family always does. Be careful though it really does come “sizzling”, not a good idea if you’re wearing your favorite outfit because you’re on a hot date!

See you at Nori’s, only in Hilo!



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